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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-03-08Factors associated with physician agreement on verbal autopsy of over 27000 childhood deaths in India.Morris, Shaun K; Bassani, Diego G; Kumar, Rajesh; Awasthi, Shally; Paul, Vinod K; Jha, Prabhat
2013-06-20Female sex work interventions and changes in HIV and syphilis infection risks from 2003 to 2008 in India: a repeated cross-sectional study.Arora, Paul; Nagelkerke, Nico J D; Moineddin, Rahim; Bhattacharya, Madhulekha; Jha, Prabhat
2009-10-14Gender inequity and age-appropriate immunization coverage in India from 1992 to 2006.Corsi, Daniel J; Bassani, Diego G; Kumar, Rajesh; Awasthi, Shally; Jotkar, Raju; Kaur, Navkiran; Jha, Prabhat
2011Male use of female sex work in India: a nationally representative behavioural survey.Gaffey, Michelle F; Venkatesh, Srinivasan; Dhingra, Neeraj; Khera, Ajay; Kumar, Rajesh; Arora, Paul; Nagelkerke, Nico; Jha, Prabhat
2002Modelling HIV/AIDS epidemics in Botswana and India: impact of interventions to prevent transmission.Nagelkerke, Nico J D; Jha, Prabhat; de Vlas, Sake J; Korenromp, Eline L; Moses, Stephen; Blanchard, James F; Plummer, Frank A
2004-11-23India's HIV-1 epidemic.Arora, Paul; Cyriac, Ajitha; Jha, Prabhat
2013-10Neonatal, 1-59 month, and under-5 mortality in 597 Indian districts, 2001 to 2012: estimates from national demographic and mortality surveys.Ram, Usha; Jha, Prabhat; Ram, Faujdar; Kumar, Kaushalendra; Awasthi, Shally; Shet, Anita; Pader, Joy; Nansukusa, Stella; Kumar, Rajesh
2014-02-04Performance criteria for verbal autopsy-based systems to estimate national causes of death: development and application to the Indian Million Death Study.Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Malhotra, Varun; Dikshit, Rajesh; Gupta, Prakash C; Kumar, Rajesh; Sheth, Jay; Rathi, Suresh Kumar; Suraweera, Wilson; Miasnikof, Pierre; Jotkar, Raju; Sinha, Dhirendra; Awasthi, Shally; Bhatia, Prakash; Jha, Prabhat
2011 Jan-MarPerformance of audio-assisted confidential voting interview for assessment of sexual behavior among young adults in Chandigarh Union Territory.Lenka, Satya Ranjan; Thakur, Jarnail Singh; Jha, Prabhat; Kumar, Rajesh
2006-02Prospective study of one million deaths in India: rationale, design, and validation results.Jha, Prabhat; Gajalakshmi, Vendhan; Gupta, Prakash C; Kumar, Rajesh; Mony, Prem; Dhingra, Neeraj; Peto, Richard